Healthcare Training Programs

Creative Training Solutions has been educating healthcare professionals—imaging, nurses and administration—since 1993. Our healthcare training programs provide continuing education credits while addressing the current issues and trends in healthcare.

We assist hospitals, healthcare facilities, imaging departments/centers and medical conferences with training solutions that increase productivity and improve organizational effectiveness. Our educational programs are designed to:

Our capabilities and expertise range from assisting individual departments in streamlining their operations and improving customer satisfaction, to hospital-wide redesign initiatives directed at improving operations.

Each training program is custom designed to meet the goals and objectives of our clients. Our participants receive from 1.5 to 7 continuing education credits for attending, depending on the length of the program and the topic.

Quality Improvement in Radiology

  • Define current sources of standards related to quality improvement in healthcare
  • Discuss practical interventions and programs that lead to the improvement of quality

Generational Differences in Patient Expectations

  • Meet the different generations and understand how their different expectations impact patient care

Management Skills for the Healthcare Leader

  • 10 step employee performance management strategy
  • Termination and resignation
  • Learn how to deal with diverse personalities
  • Coaching techniques for peak performance
  • Handling the performance review

MRI Safety: Hazards in and around the Radiology Suite

  • Understand the consequences of safety failures in the MRI Suite
  • Describe the recommendations from TJC Sentinel Alert on MRI Safety
  • Describe the principles of the “Four Zone” concept to the MRI Suite

HCAHPS and Customer Service in Radiology

  • Identify HCAHPs indicators and that apply to imaging departments
  • Discuss the impact of public reporting of HCAHPS scores
  • Define value-based purchasing
  • Describe strategies for improving HCAHPS in Radiology

The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act and the Impact on Healthcare Delivery

  • Provide Rationale for the Development of PPACA
  • Discuss the historical point related to a movement to a National Healthcare System
  • Discuss the elements of the Social Security Act 1182 and the impact on PPACA
  • Describe changes to insurance plans
  • Define models of care

National Patient Safety Goals to Reduce Medical Errors

  • Identify the proposed NPSG's considered for 2013 that remain under study before being accepted as NPSG's
  • Identify costly medical errors that can be avoided by meeting a NPSG
  • Discuss the concept of transparency in healthcare andexamples of how this can be achieved

Developing Workflow Improvement in the Radiology Suite

  • Use modeling to simulate current and potential workflow problems
  • List processes that provide a return on investment from a performance improvement focus

Joint Commission Standards: What’s new with TJC

  • Learn the important process defined by joint commission to guide organizational evaluation

Providing Safe Patient Care by Preventing Healthcare Acquired Conditions

  • Learn the transformation of patient care that eliminates HAC’s
  • Identify the critical aspects of infection control and Hospital-Acquired Conditions.
  • Describe effective approaches to care delivery aimed at preventing Serious Reportable Event

Infection Control in the Interventional Suite

  • Learn the nosocomial infections associated with procedures performed in Radiology
  • Describe the components of an effective infection control program in the Interventional Suite
  • Identify the 3 most prominent multiple drug resistant organisms.

Reducing Stress in Healthcare

  • Gain proven techniques to handle the pressure of patient care
  • Understand the physiological and psychological changes that can take place when a person is under stress.

Insight Team Development in Healthcare

  • Define your teams’ mission and goals
  • Clarify team rules and roles
  • Solve team problems
  • Improve team meetings

Team Techniques to Improve Patient Outcomes

  • Learn why team work is essential in Patient Centered Care
  • Identify the different types of teams in Radiology

Increasing Patient Loyalty through Customer Service

  • Current Health Care Research Concerning Patient Loyalty
  • Processes + Personality = Patient Experience
  • Activity: 4 Models of Health Care Operation
  • Current Joint Commission Performance Improvement Project