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The Joint Commission Medication Management Standards in Radiology Departments – 3rd Edition

Author: Joann C. Wilcox, RN, MSN, LNC

4 Continuing Ed Credits - Imaging

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The Joint Commission Medication Management Standards (Joint Commission) are among the most rigorous and challenging for an organization to implement, according to the article, Maintaining Compliance (Kienle, Uselton, Lee, 2008). Medication management standards, revised in 2014, (The Joint Commission, 2013) address all stages of the medication processes and are no longer viewed as primarily a pharmacy responsibility. The management of medications is considered a system-wide responsibility that impacts every clinical area in the facility.

Imaging services are assuming a more visible role in healthcare facilities. This increased visibility is directly related to the rapid development of sophisticated diagnostic technology as well as the increasing therapeutic use of imaging technology. As would be anticipated with this increase in activity and level of intervention, more regulations are being imposed to support the provision of safe and effective services.


After studying the information presented, the reader should be able to: