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MRI Safety

Author: Joann C. Wilcox, RN, MSN, LNC

3.5 Continuing Ed Credits - Nursing

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Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) is “a way of obtaining very detailed images of organs and tissues throughout the body without the need for x-rays or ionizing radiation” (Radiology Info, nd). While reducing the exposure to ionizing radiation is a positive aspect of the MRI, the fact that we are now dealing with an extremely powerful magnet in a world where so much is attracted to that magnet, creates the need for a safety plan that has little room for error.

The outcome of many of the errors made during an MRI are often severe or deadly. This adds to the stress of those who are a part of the team providing this procedure to the patient. As individuals who are working in this area of healthcare, knowing what needs to be done to eliminate the risk of these errors from occurring is essential. The focus of this program is to address the safety of patients and staff during the MRI procedure.


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