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Radiation Dosing

Author: Joann C. Wilcox, RN, MSN, LNC

3.5 Continuing Ed Credits - Nursing

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The Joint Commission Sentinel Event Alert (Number 47) focused on how to reduce risks related to the use of ionizing radiation while still maintaining a high level of quality of the image being obtained. While efforts to address the radiological exposure risks were being made by the FDA and CMS, “legislation mandating the monitoring of radiation dose and reporting of any radiation dose incidents” (itn, 2014) was passed in California and Texas moving issues related to radiation exposure from the ‘should do’ to the ‘must do’ position.

The legislation from California and Texas led to other states and professional organizations to increase the emphasis on radiation safety practices. The Joint Commission, looking to develop standardization of these practices, introduced a set of New and Revised Diagnostic Imaging Standards in December, 2013 (Mullens, 2014). While Joint Commission Standards are not considered law in the legal sense, they do carry the weight of ‘law’ when considered from the certification perspective since Joint Commission certification (or comparable certification from another accepted organization) is needed to participate in Medicare and Medicaid programs and with many other insurance providers.


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